A Bold, Authentic, And Unique Fashion Brand

Odd Manners acts and speaks on behalf of the people who don't conform to the manners of today. Understanding that manners, etiquette, and courteous behaviour is all entirely subjective and determined by a person's society and culture.


Odd Manners is a relatively new brand. It was founded in the first trimester of 2022 with the primary idea of wanting people to wear quirky, unique, and bold art statements.


Our clothing portrays our vision: "Being true to yourself is better than being a liar just to impress everyone."


We are trying to get people to understand that it's possible to wear our personality even if that might be rude for others. We take pride in living our truth, and we are determined to help others reach theirs.


What Makes Our Clothes One-Of-A-Kind?


Well, that 's easy!


The Odd Manners fashion brand is one-of-a-kind because we are comfortable by making everyone else uncomfortable. Our designs are meaningful because they allow us to reflect our daily state of mind, temperament, expectations, and passion uniquely and rebelliously.


In a world where everyone is predicted to conform, we are guilty of too much regularity and not enough oddness. Odd Manners' clothes let you take a break from models so you can explore your wild side.


Remember, Dr. Seus quote, "You need to be odd to be number one."


It's our goal to remind everyone of how odd they're and how fantastic it's to be this way. Experiment with different designs, colours, and combinations until your heart and soul are content.


Odd Manners' t-shirts and hoodies reduce the inconsistency between your inner being and your outer look. Our clothes express our personality.